78.74"Rustic Brown Floating TV Stand with Two-Door Cabinets for 80" 85" TVs

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Premium Plywood

Finest furniture made of preium plywood, certified to meet Grade E0 Standard

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted floating furniture designed to frees up floor area and save space.

Ample Storage

Create organized living area, where your essentials find their place in style.

Easy Assembly

Easy to install with detailed instructions, and comes with all hardware kit

Open up More Space in Your Home

Less is more - Open up more space in your home. We focus on space-saving design, and provide a wide range of wall-mountable furniture pieces that bring a touch of clean elegance and clutter-free living space. From floating TV stands to nightstands, wall desks, and shelves, our collections are all crafted from sturdy plywood, easy to assemble for home DIYers. Floativa is the only official website of PMNIANHUA Amazon store. Besides the standard styles, Floativa also provides customization for home owners.

Why Buy Furniture Crafted in Plywood?

Plywood is characterized by its excellent strength, stiffness, durability and resistance to creep, which make it ideal for furniture. You'll never worry about easy damage or deformation.

Plywood is relatively lightweight. Wall mountable plywood furniture will not stress the wall.

Plywood is more environment friendly, and safer for our health. MDF contains adhesives and resins that may emit toxic fumes.

Plywood is better and more expensive than MDF (multi-density fiberboard) and particle board. If you’re looking for high-quality furniture, you’re probably better off going with plywood than cheaper materials.

Quality Verified By International Institution SGS

All Floativa furniture is crafted in our own workshop under strict quality control, and is SGS Certified, ensuring that they meet strict chemical emissions standards for use in indoor spaces.

Pick the Perfect TV Stands

  1. Find your TV size

Measure the diagonal length of your TV or check on the manufacturer's website.

2. Consider your space

Ensure there's enough space between the seating area and the television.

3. Choose Your Stand

We recommend getting a console that is at least a few inches wider than your TV.

32-50" television
Shop at least 45" stand
55"-60" television
Shop at least 55" stand
65"-70" television
Shop at least 60" stand
75"-80" television
Shop at least 70" stand
85"-90" television
Shop at least 75" stand
95"-100" television
Shop at least 85" stand